21 Next Communities

Our Story

Under different circumstances, in alternate realities, Dorian would be writing her own story. However, this privilege, and occasional burden, is mine to share on her behalf. Dorian was born with Cornelia de La Syndrome (CdLS), and would later be diagnosed with Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and autism.

Each diagnosis would bring with it new and uncharted challenges, impacting every aspect of our lives: daily home routines, educational programming, relationships with siblings & extended family, accessing worship services regularly, for example. Services and supports were mostly accessible when she was younger. However, every milestone birthday marked a new chapter while closing access to a service or support. The older Dorian got, the fewer and more competitive services and supports became.

Adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (“Adults with I/DD) are a heterogenous group of individuals who live with neurological conditions that emerge in childhood. The federal, definition of I/DD includes “a person whose disability occurs before age 22 and includes a mental or physical impairment or a combination of both. A substantial limitation in three or more of the following major life areas: self-care; expressive or receptive language; learning; mobility; capacity for independent living; economic self sufficiency; or self direction.”

Nowhere is this more evident than what happens when a student ages out of school systems by age 21. Not only does school programming ends, but housing options are even more limited or practically nonexistent, hence 21Next Communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

21NextCommunities (21NXC) is a new company. We have generated a lot of questions about our plans for housing and residential services. We respond to the mostly frequently asked questions (FAQs) below. We encourage you to check often for updates.

There is not a specific start date. Our goal is to begin Phase I operations in fall 2023 – which entails connecting clients and families with existing properties in established communities in Maryland. 

No. We are not a DSP and only serve as an intermediary for clients. Nor we are licensed real estate brokers.

We are set up for private pay only. 

21NXC will help clients navigate and gain access to more housing and supports. Clients and their families will be offered subscription options to enhance quality of living, increase access to amenities, and improve integration in which they reside.

Our pool of providers is growing. Currently we are partnering with vendors, agencies, and private specialists who are able to offer subscriptions for meal preparation, fitness, hair care, and house cleaning.

No. It is an enhanced service and optional.

While the initial vision for 21NXC was heavily influenced by our family’s experience with Dorian, it was shaped by six other adults with a range of intellectual and developmental disabilities, two current DSPs, two former DSPs, and two directors of adult residential services.